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'Claire? Are you ok?'
'I'm fine.', I told Chris. Of course, I lied. I finally found my older brother, and he had to leave me again. Great.
'Claire, I know I just got back to you, but I really have to go. Jill needs me and we have to finish what we started.'
'I need you too!' He just stared at me, his face full of concern. He pitied me, I could see it, and I hated it. He moved to the window and just stared silently at the city. I sat on the couch and started biting my lip. I know I shouldn't have reacted like that. It's not easy for him to leave me either. He looked back at me.

'Claire, I know you're hurt. We've been through hell, and I understand you need me. I need you too. But first, I need to do my job. I have to put an end to those monsters. I love you, sis, and I promise I'll be back.' He smiled at me, but I could see it was bothering him so badly. And I understood him.

'Okay… Chris?'
'Promise me you and Jill are gonna be fine.' He smiled once again and sat next to me.
'I promise. Besides, you and I are the Redfields, remember?' he winked at me.
'Yeah.' I smiled back at him.
'I have to go now. But if you need to talk, you can tell me anything you want over'
'Yeah, yeah, I know everything.' He chuckled.
'See ya.'
'Sure.' He smiled and got up. He took a backpack that was standing in the hallway and looked at me once again. I still sat on that couch and tried to keep my tears from falling.
'This is not goodbye, Claire.' He finally disappeared.

I sat in the dark and finally broke to tears. But I had reasons for it. Chris and I lost our parents when we were young, I didn't want to lose my brother, too. Besides, I lost Steve that day. I grabbed a pillow and laid down, just crying and staring into the wall. I couldn't sleep after everything I've been through again. All those zombies and creatures… Alexia… Steve.
I closed my eyes and started comforting myself. 'It's going to be fine, Chris is going to be fine.' I thought to myself.

It was morning. I could feel the sun on my skin. I got up and looked out the window. How peaceful it was. It was nice to see a city where humans walked around. No fire, no blood, no screams, no running away from the bloodlusting dead.
I went to take a shower I really needed. Honestly, it felt like I washed away a part of me that still dragged me back to what happened the day before. Or at least I wanted it to feel that way.
I looked at the mirror and saw nothing but sadness in my eyes. I could see Steve again. It felt like something sharp pierced through my chest. I wanted to be strong. But I really needed someone.

Days had gone by, and nothing changed. I hadn't heard from Chris, and the past still haunted me. There was nothing for me but silence and tears. I hadn't been that sad in a long time. Not since I lost my parents.
Then, one day, a phone rang. I just glanced at it and my heart started beating quickly. I jumped from the couch and answered it, hoping for the best. I really hoped it wasn't Jill calling me to tell me my brother was dead.
'Hello?' No one responded. 'Hello?!' 'Claire?' I recognised the voice. 'Chris? Chris!' Suddenly I felt so relieved. 'Claire… Are you ok?' 'Yeah, I'm fine. How are you? Are you hurt? How's Jill?' I immediately changed the subject and I really wanted to know if they were ok. 'Yeah, we're both fine. We can handle it, sis. Don't you worry.'
'When are you coming back? Do you need help?' I asked him. I was hoping he would tell me he was coming back immediately, but inside I knew what to expect. And I thought that maybe, if he stayed longer, I could come and help him. After all, he came after me and saved my life.
'No. Besides, even if I needed help, I would definitely not call you to come here, I didn't get you back to safety to drag you into this again. It's nothing we can't handle, Claire. Seriously, don't worry.' I could feel concern and anxiety in his voice. 'Listen, Claire, I have to go now. Take care, ok? I love you, sis.'
'I love you too, Chris. Please be careful.'
'I will. Bye.'
He finally hung up. I was still holding the phone in my hand. All those questions started coming back to my head again, I was overcome with fear.

I went to check my email and suddenly, my heart started pumping fast. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. I got a message from Leon.
Leon… That nice, intelligent, super hot, sweet agent I survived the Raccoon city incident with.

Hey Claire,

I hope you're ok… I contacted Chris to come after you, sorry I couldn't come myself.
Anyway, do you want to meet with me sometime? I got some time off and I can visit you in a few days. I know it's been weeks after that incident on Rockfort island, I would have contacted you sooner, but there were some complications.
Well, you know my phone number. Call me when you read this.


'Oh my God! I'm going to see Leon again… it's been so long.', I thought.
I immediately ran to the phone in the hallway and called him. While I was waiting for him to pick up, I was feeling like my heart was going to explode. I started biting my lip and patting with my foot nervously.  

'Hello?' he finally answered. His deep, seductive voice sent shivers down my spine.
'Leon? It's Claire.'
'Claire! You called! How are ya?' I was surprised how relieved and happy he was.
'I'm fine. Listen, when can you get here?'
'I can… come over in about thirty minutes.'
'Great! See you then.' He chukled. 'Sure thing. See ya.'

I hung up and started smiling like an idiot. 'Leon's coming. I have to get ready!' I thought and immediately ran to my bedroom. I grabbed my jeans and a white shirt and ran to the bathroom to take a shower. I wondered how he could distract me for a moment there from all those bad memories. Maybe he was my beam in the darkness that surrounded me? My rain to wash away the pain I felt in my heart. I somehow scared myself. Was I really in love with him?

I dried my hair and got dressed quickly. I put some make up on though to look fresher, and, you know…
I let my hair fall down over my shoulders and put some strawberry lipgloss. Seriously, my whole body smelled like strawberries. I hope it won't bother him?
I looked myself in the mirror. 'Claire, you can do this. If you could survive the horror with that guy, you can drink a cup of coffee with him.' The doorbell rang. I took a deep breath, put on my white fluffy slippers and opened the door.

'Claire.' He looked at me and gave me that smile of his.
'Leon, come in, feel comfortable.' I knew I didn't feel comfortable. I closed the door and looked at him. He still had that fascinating haircut and his beautiful blue eyes were glowing, his lips forming into a smile. He was wearing jeans that fit him perfectly, a black t-shirt and a leather jacket. He took his jacket off and I could see his muscles pointing out in that t-shirt of his. God, I hoped he didn't notice me staring at him, looking like a total freak. He sat on the couch and waited silently.

'Can I get you anything?'
'A cup of coffee would be nice. So, how are ya?'
'I'm fine.' I couldn't look him in his eyes now, I was making us some coffee silently, but I could still notice him looking at me, he knew I was lying. I came to sit next to him and gave him his cup of coffee.
'Thanks. Listen, Claire… You know you can tell me anything.'
'I know.' I sighed. I looked him in the eye and for a moment there I felt like I was bewitched. But the reality dragged me back too soon.
'What is it? What happened back on Rockfort island? Tell me everything.' A tear escaped and ran down my cheek. I explained him why I was there, what happened and I told him everything I knew about the Veronica virus. I told him about Steve, too.

He looked at me anxiously. 'I'm really sorry, Claire. And i'm sorry I wasn't there for you.' I could see he really meant it, but I couldn't believe he would blame himself.
'Leon, what are you talking about? You saved my life! You tracked down my brother yourself, you actually helped me find him and I knew once again he was alive and well. And I knew you were alive then, too. You don't know how greatful I am for what you did.'

He looked at me softly and put his hand on my shoulder. 'Thank you, Claire.' he smiled.
We just stared in each others eyes for awhile. I could drown in his eyes. He grabbed my hand and we got up. He faced me and put his arm around my waist. Our bodies were touching. My whole body got chills. He put his other hand on my cheek. His hands were so warm. I felt so safe in his embrace.

'Claire, I'm here for you, you're not alone in this. Whatever you need, wherever you go I'll follow you. Even in the darkest places in your heart.'
He leaned in and kissed me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I couldn't resist. I didn't want to. I put my hands on his muscled chest and I could feel his heartbeats got faster.
We shared light kisses that started to be more longing and desperate. We stopped for a moment and he looked at me in the way I wasn't looked at in a long time. The same look I gave him from the moment he walked through that door.

'Claire… I love you.' Suddenly, a tear dropped from my eye. 'I love you too, Leon.'
He lifted me in his arms and I wrapped my hands around his neck. I could feel his warm breath on my skin. I wanted him so badly. I needed him.
He took me to my room and put me down gently on my bed. He laid down on me and started kissing me again. Nothing existed anymore, just me and him. We kissed for a long time and then he laid down in my bed and pulled me over in his embrace. I put my head on his chest and listened to his heart beating. I wanted that moment to last forever. I hugged him tightly and he chukled. 'I'm not going anywhere, Claire. I'm all yours. Sleep now.' He kissed the top of my head and I fell asleep right in his arms.

When I woke up in the morning he was still there, sleeping so peacefully, I didn't want to wake him up. I went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror. I cought myself smiling again. Leon really is my ray of light. And he will be forever.
Suddenly, I heard the door unlocking. I ran to the hallway and I saw Chris standing there, he was exsausted, his hair was unkempt and he was full of scratches. 'Chris! I can't believe you're finally here!' I ran to hug him. 'Easy there, sis. I have some serious backpain.' 'You sound like an old man.' I laughed. He smiled and looked at me. 'I'm glad you're ok, Claire. And I told you I would come back to you. Jill is ok, too.' 'Thank god!'

In that moment Leon came to the hallway and looked at us, smiling. 'Leon, you're awake.'
'Hey, Chris.' he smiled. 'Leon. Thanks for watching my sister while I was gone. But I have to warn you. That's my sister we're talking about.' said Chris with his 'tough' look. 'Don't worry.', Leon nodded. Chris looked back at me. 'I'm going to take a shower and I'm going to bed.' I had to tease him. 'Okay, just take it easy, grandpa. I'm going to make something for us to eat when you get up.' I winked at him. 'That would be great.' he said and went to his room. I laughed at the situation and Leon came to hug me. 'I'm glad he's fine. He's a tough guy.'
'You bet on it.' I smiled and kissed him. 'Thank you for being there for me.' 'Always.'
This is my first Cleon story! :)
The plot is set right after the Rockfort island incident :D

The name of this story is the name of a song by Death Cab For Cutie :)

the characters (and Rockfort island :XD: ) are Capcom's

I hope you'll like it ^^
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